Mental Health and Wellbeing
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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our engaging Mental Health and Wellbeing program is designed to help jobseekers understand the vital role of physical and mental health. In the midst of job seeking stress, it's crucial to learn how to address and overcome challenges effectively. This program equips jobseekers with the necessary skills and resources to thrive in their search for employment and beyond.

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Module 1: Being well
We will explore the foundations of mental health and wellbeing, helping you develop a solid understanding of how it impacts your personal and professional life. By identifying your strengths and understanding the difference between being well and being happy, you will gain valuable insights into what drives your motivation and enhances your performance.
Module 2: Managing the tough stuff
Job seeking can often be accompanied by feelings of anxiety and depression. In this module, we address these challenges head-on. You will acquire valuable relaxation skills to manage anxiety effectively and learn strategies to act against unhelpful patterns associated with depression. By exploring positive accumulated experiences, you will discover how to reframe your perspective and build a foundation of positivity that propels you forward.

There are no entry requirements for this activity. You can enrol now.

This activity is delivered online

How is it delivered?
- Interactive online eLearning
- Individual support available via phone or web

We are here to help you succeed. Qualify’s Trainer and Student Support teams are available by phone, email or video link to assist you whenever you need individual course support.

Qualify’s Employment Progress Activities are designed to support jobseekers in progressing towards employment by addressing vocational and non-vocational barriers.
Our immersive employment activities support jobseeker engagement and skills development using interactive technology through the Qualify eLearning platform.

To undertake this activity you will need:
- Access to a computer or tablet
- An email address and regular access to a reliable internet connection
- Basic computer skills
- The ability and willingness to study online lesson material and complete online activities
- PDF reader software (e.g., Adobe Acrobat)
- The ability to communicate in English
- The ability to understand and follow detailed instructions given verbally or written in English

$75 per module
This activity is provided at a fee-for-service in all states.
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  • Start date Available Now
  • Duration 25 Hours per module
  • Learning mode Online
  • Type Non-accredited

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