Financial and Budgeting Basics
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Financial and Budgeting Basics

Money can be a difficult thing to manage. At some point, most of us discover that we may not have enough money to do and have all the things we want. While it is true that money is a finite resource, there are ways to manage money so that you can have what you want. These modules will cover budgeting, saving, superannuation and credit.

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Module 1: Budgeting
To get ahead in life, you need a plan. Part of that plan should be about budgeting. While it would be nice to have as much money to spend as you like, it is not realistic. Most people have to consider carefully what they spend their money on to ensure they have the basics such as somewhere to live, food, transport and even a bit of money for fun. This module will go over the basics of budgeting. How to do it and why you should be budgeting.
Module 2: Financial basics
Once you gain employment you will have more money to spend and do fun things with. However, it is also important that you do not waste your money. The previous unit taught you have to budget. In this unit we will learn about saving money, credit and superannuation.

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How is it delivered?
- Interactive online eLearning
- Individual support available via phone or web

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To undertake this activity you will need:
- Access to a computer or tablet
- An email address and regular access to a reliable internet connection
- Basic computer skills
- The ability and willingness to study online lesson material and complete online activities
- PDF reader software (e.g., Adobe Acrobat)
- The ability to communicate in English
- The ability to understand and follow detailed instructions given verbally or written in English

$75 per module
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  • Duration 25 Hours per module
  • Learning mode Online
  • Type Non-accredited

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